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Bring on the sour power with our Sour Cola Gummy Bottles!

Bring on the sour power with our Sour Cola Gummy Bottles!

When we asked our FUNDAY Fam what new lolly they wanted us to create, we were expecting some wild suggestions. We were half-expecting someone to request a lolly that would give them the ability to fly or shoot lasers out of their eyes (we're still working on that one).


But by popular demand you guys asked for a healthier and tastier version of the classic sour cola bottle. So we put on our thinking caps and got to work! We conducted extensive taste tests with our team, making sure we got the perfect balance of tanginess and sweetness. Let's just say there were a lot of "mmm's" and "ahh's" coming from our taste testers! 


Finally we landed on the perfect combination of sourness and delicious cola flavour with a hint of juicy lemon, and we knew we had a winner. So grab a bag of our Sour Cola Gummy Bottles and get ready for a flavour explosion in your mouth. And if you happen to make a sour face while eating them, don't worry, we won't judge - it just means we got the tanginess just right 😉


What makes our Sour Cola Gummy Bottles so tasty?

Are our cola bottles gluten free?

  • Coeliacs rejoice! Our sour cola gummy bottles are gluten-free guaranteed and are gluten tested by an independent labratory.

How are our sour cola bottles sweetened?

  • Our sour cola gummy bottles are sweetened with real food ingredients like tapioca starch and chicory root fibre that actually give a sweet flavour. We then add a touch of the all-natural stevia leaf to balance things out. This means our sour cola gummies contain 89% less sugar than your average cola bottle.

What ingredients are in our sour cola bottles? 

Where can you buy our cola bottles?

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