How it started



It all started with a transformation story. Daniel - the guy who started all this - had an unhealthy relationship with food. He felt out of control around sugar! Something had to change.



Eliminating sweets from his life was a lonely and sad existence...

travel the world


Daniel had his Eat. Pray. Love moment. Fed up with the lack luster sweets section of the supermarket, he travelled the globe in search of something better.



Inspired, he returned home and started to create his own delicious sweets with no added sugar and no sugar alcohols in his kitchen.

candy mould


This was the year of sweet experiments. Daniel tried all sorts of different recipes, ingredients, and production methods - experimenting to find the perfect formula for his sweet creations.

funday candy


After hundreds of attempts to perfect the recipe and enlisting the help of some of Australia’s top Food scientists, nutritionists and chefs - FUNDAY was born.

Our values

  • Real food, real talk

    We won’t sugar coat it, a healthy dose of realness comin’ up. Real food ingredients, real tasty and real good for you.

  • Permission to press pause

    Adulting is hardcore. We’re here to inject some cheeky childlike fun into your day. Take a moment on us, you deserve it.

  • Sweet moments together

    We make lollies you’ll fall in love with. We think your mates will love ‘em too! So, share the love and stick it to sugar together.

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