Main ingredients

  • Solube Fibre from Tapioca

  • Stevia

  • Natural flavours & colours

  • Chicory Root Fibre

The full breakdown

More about our ingredients

  • No sugar added

    We’re sweet enough with the natural fibres in our lollies. We add a touch of stevia to balance things out. This means we’re up to 91% less sugar than your average lolly. Let’s just say there’s nothing average about us.

  • GMO free ingredients

    None, zilch, nada!
    It's a no from us on GMO.

  • No sugar alcohols

    No way ‘Jose. Stacks of other ‘no sugar’ or ‘sugar free’ lollies have sugar alcohols (ew). Sometimes this means they gotta warn people about their ‘laxative effects’ (double ew). We just wouldn’t do that to you.

  • Natural Colours & Flavours

    Our fruity flavours are extracted from food. Our colours come from things like beetroot, carrot, pumpkin and turmeric. Your read right, nothing artificial up in here!

  • Gluten Free

    Coeliac’s rejoice!
    Gluten-free guaranteed.

  • Prebiotic Fibre

    We pack a punch when it comes to fibre. We’ve got a whopping 7g of plant-based goodness in each bag. Prebiotics are the goods that feed the good guys (probiotics) in your gut. What a good news day!

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