We don’t use any sugar to make our lollies, we use real food ingredients like tapioca starch and chicory root fibre that actually give a sweet flavour. We then add a touch of the all-natural stevia leaf to balance things out. This means we’re up to 91% less sugar than your average lolly. We also use delicious natural flavours like peach, raspberry, apple and lemon to give our lollies the yum factor!

We believe in using real ingredients to sweeten our lollies such as natural fibres and stevia. Many sugar-free or ‘no sugar added’ brands use sugar alcohols (or polyols) to sweeten their lollies. Some common sugar alcohols are: Maltitol (E965), Sorbitol (E420), Xylitol (E967). When products add sugar alcohols, they sometimes have to state the following: “excess consumption may cause a laxative effect”. That’s because sugar alcohols can be poorly absorbed by our digestive system in certain amounts.

Coeliac’s rejoice! FUNDAY is gluten-free guaranteed. All FUNDAY sweets are gluten tested by an independent labratory.

Carnauba wax is a natural wax that we use to our coat some of our products. It is native to South America and is harvested from the leaves of the carnauba palm.

Heck yes we have 2 products that are Australian Certified Vegan! Our Fruity Gummy Bears and our Sour Gummy Bears that each contain 3 tasty flavours inside: Raspberry, Apple and Lemon! What makes the Gummy Bears vegan you ask? Well, instead of using gelatine we use a natural apple pectin, a real food ingredient for a real yummy lolly! It was SUPER important to us that we made our lollies as accessible to everyone including those who follow a more plant-based diet!

IMO (or Isomalto-oligosaccharide) is a type of carbohydrate found naturally in some foods. We use Tapioca starch which is derived from a root vegetable called cassava. It helps give our lollies texture, flavour and fibre without the use of anything artificial!

Our lollies contain up to 91% less sugar than other leading lolly brands. We also only use natural colours and flavours in our FUNDAY sweets and are packed with prebiotic fibre. What you choose to feed your kids is up to you, but we think we’re a pretty great choice!

Here’s a mini science lesson for ya’ll.

Carbohydrates are the main energy source for our bodies. When we eat carbohydrates, they are broken down into mainly simple sugars, early on in our digestive tracts, in which our bodies can use as an energy source. A carbohydrate that behaves this way in the body, is an available carbohydrate.

However, not all carbohydrates are broken down early on to provide our bodies with a direct energy source.

Some types of carbohydrates make it all the way to our large intestine which are either fermented by the bacteria that live there (which technically can provide your body with a small energy source) or passed through to the toilet. These types of carbohydrates are called unavailable carbohydrates.

So very (very) simply put, available carbohydrates provide you with a readily available energy source and unavailable carbohydrates don’t.

All of our gelatine based gummies are made using halal beef gelatine.

You can find the full ingredient list of each of our products in their respective shop pages.

For all our keto loving friends, we have split out the carbohydrate content from the unavailable carbohydrate content. Our Strawberry & Cream Gummies, Sour Cola Gummy Bottles, Fruity Gummy Snakes, Sour Peach Flavoured Hearts and Raspberry Flavours Gummy Frogs contain only 3.3g of available carbohydrates per pack! Our Party Mix gummies contain 4.1g of available carbohydrates per pack while our vegan range of gummy bears contain 6.6g of available carbohydrates per pack! There is also 7g of plant-based dietary fibre per pack!

This is a question we recommend chatting with your healthcare professional about. They are best placed to know your individual needs.

Unlike regular lollies, FUNDAY sweets contain up to 8.9g of prebiotic fibre in each bag, because we use natural real food ingredients like tapioca starch and chicory root fibre! Eating one bag of FUNDAY sweets is equivalent to eating 28% of a female’s daily fibre needs and 23% of a male’s daily fibre needs. Fibre is one of our fave nutrients, it has stacks of health benefits including being good for our guts! However, with fibre, there can sometimes be too much of a good thing. So, we recommend sticking with around 2 bags per day!

Delicious, fresh and real fruity flavours sans the sugar high!

The difference is that we make lollies that are good for you. FUNDAY sweets are made with real ingredients without the sugar or sugar alcohols. Unlike other lollies, we source only the highest quality ingredients from all over the globe so you can eat a whole bag of the tastiest lollies and feel GOOD about it! We will never compromise on using real food ingredients to make FUNDAY sweets such as prebiotic tapioca fibre (IMO), chicory root fibre (Inulin), natural stevia and natural colours & flavours from things like red beet, turmeric and carrot.

We are proud to say we don’t use preservatives in our sweets, we only use natural real food ingredients. So once opened, FUNDAY will begin to harden slightly if left exposed to the elements. If sealed properly, the texture should remain intact! The shelf life of FUNDAY sweets unopened is around 18-months.

In a cool, dry place. We recommend storing your FUNDAY sweets in temperatures between 5-25 degrees Celsius. Controversial but some people like storing them in the fridge! Try it and let us know what you think!


Check out our ‘Shipping & Refund Policies’ for more info!

We're happy to announce that your fave Aussie sweets (yep, that's us!) are now up for grabs abroad, spanning places like New Zealand, America, and the UK. If your country isn't on the list but you're craving some FUNDAY treats, just shoot us an email with your location, and we'll see what we can do!


Check out our ‘Shipping & Refund Policies’ for more info!

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