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Vegan Lollies

 Vegan lollies just got a whole lot tastier! Our delicious range of vegan lollies are the deliciously different, 100% plant-based lollies that actually taste great and are good for you.

Vegan Lollies Australia

Enjoy mouth-watering, low sugar vegan lollies that contain no artificial nasties or sugar alcohols (no sugar alcohols = no runny tummy). Certified by Vegan Australia are made with nothin’ but top-notch ingredients like natural flavours and colours and prebiotic fibre that love ya gut.  


If you’re #SWEETFAM, enjoy our Fruity Vegan Bears that are full of real-fruit flavour! For all our #SOURFAM sweeties, treat yo-self to our Sour Vegan Bears that are bursting with delicious sour power! Like sweet AND sour? Try em’ both with our Beary Tasty Box!Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, treat yo-self to our sweet selection of tasty vegan lollies.


What are Vegan lollies?


What are the best Vegan lollies?

  • Do you have a sweet tooth but don't consume animal products? We've found the sweet spot with our Fruity and Sour Vegan Bears that both contain 3 tasty flavours inside: Raspberry, Apple and Lemon!

    Not only are our gummy bears 100% plant-based, they're also made with all-natural and nourishing ingredients. Our Fruity and Sour Vegan Bears are made with no sugar added, no artificial flavours or colours, no GMOs, but are jam packed with real fruity deliciousness. That's what makes our bears the best-est in the biz!

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