The good stuff

  • No sugar added

  • Prebiotic fibre

  • Health star ratings

  • Gluten free

  • Natural colours & flavours

  • No sugar alcohols

The perks

  • FUNDAY Welcome Pack

    Enjoy a sweet ‘lil welcome pack with FUNDAY for you to enjoy, educational flyers & sample packs for your clients.​

  • Early Access

    Get first dibs on new releases and special offers.

  • FREE Top Ups

    No samples left for your clients? No worries. We’ll top you up when your lolly jar is low, so your clients never miss out! To be distributed at FUNDAY’s discretion.

  • Discounts For Your Community​

    You’ll get unique discount codes to share with your clients & community.​

  • Exclusive Invites

    Get exclusive invites to FUNDAY events where you’ll get a sweet lil’ sneak peek under the lolly wrapper. A backstage pass to our brand, products and educational fun for you and just a few other special lolly lovers.​

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Blog posts

  • Prebiotics vs Probitoitcs

    Prebiotics vs Probitoitcs

    We often hear about prebiotics and probiotics and that they have something to do with gut health. Despite having similar sounding names, the two are very different but both are very important for gut health.   Before exploring the world...

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  • What are Sugar Alcohols?

    What are Sugar Alcohols?

    Have you ever gone overboard on some sugar-free sweets that have sent you rushing straight to the bathroom? Maybe you’ve seen the all too common warning statement on a label that says “excess consumption may cause laxative effect”, not taken it...

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  • What is Chicory Root?

    What is Chicory Root?

    Chicory Root Fibre - curious about the star ingredient that makes our lollies taste so damn good? This prebiotic fibre can be found at the top of our ingredients list in each of our FUNDAY sweets, packing a gut-loving 7g of fibre!...

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