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Melbourne’s Hidden Gems: 5 Retro Hotspots for a Nostalgic Journey

Melbourne’s Hidden Gems: 5 Retro Hotspots for a Nostalgic Journey
Hey, ever find yourself thinking back on those carefree good ol’ days of being a kid? Missing those times when a trip to the zoo felt like an epic adventure or when hitting the arcade was the highlight of the week? Well, if you're kicking it in Melbourne, you're in luck!
It’s time to turn back the clock and rediscover the magic of those golden years! Melbourne's got a bunch of hidden spots that'll zap you right back to the past, where everything was simpler and oh-so-fun. From old-school game joints to classic cinemas, these places are your ticket to reliving the magic of yesteryears. So, grab your mates and let's take a stroll down memory lane through Melbourne's retro hotspots! 
Luna Park
3…2…1… CHEESE! Can you really say you’ve visited Melbourne without a snapshot under Luna Park’s iconic entrance?
Walking through the iconic wide-toothed grin of Luna Park’s entrance is enough to transport us back. This iconic amusement park has been a beloved favourite for generations. From the vintage carousel to the thrilling roller coaster, Luna Park lets adults unleash their inner child. The smell of popcorn, bright fairy lights and classic rides make it the perfect spot for a dose of nostalgia.
Melbourne Zoo
Who could forget their first time at the zoo? Whether it was a family outing or a school excursion, hearing the roar of the lions or the chatter of the monkeys was enough to fill up the digi cam with all the memories!
The Astor theatre
Lights, camera, action! Get ready for a movie night that'll take you back in time. The Astor's got that old-school charm with its fancy art deco style and a line-up of classic flicks. Grab your favourite movie snacks (hello, FUNDAY lollies!) and settle in for a trip down memory lane.
Calling all gamers! Bartronica is a hidden gem for anyone who loves a good arcade session. With rows of vintage and modern games, it's like stepping into a time warp. Crank up the tunes, challenge your pals to some friendly competition, and let the good times roll.
Retro star vintage clothing
Vintage vibes, anyone? Dive into racks of vintage threads and accessories at Retro Star. It's like a treasure hunt for cool stuff from back in the day. Whether you're hunting for a funky jacket or just want to relive your high school fashion moments, you'll find something that'll make you feel all kinds of nostalgic. 
So, whether you’re reliving arcade victories, discovering vintage fashion, or enjoying the thrills of rollercoasters, these retro Melbourne hotspots are guaranteed to take you back to those golden days.
And hey, while you're busy being a kid again, don't forget to treat yourself! FUNDAY Sweets has all the delicious natural sweets that will transport you back to the days of picking out treats from the local milk bar. Whether it’s our Sour Cola Bottles or our Fruity Snakes, we’ll have you enjoying lollies just like a kid again!

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