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Sssay hello to our NEW Fruity Gummy Snakes!

Sssay hello to our NEW Fruity Gummy Snakes!

Hissstory makin’ delicious snakes!

When deciding what delicious new lolly to cook up next, your lovin’ mates here at FUNDAY HQ asked our FUNDAY Fam (that’s you!) what lolly you wanted us to create.

By popular demand you guys voted we make the good ol’ gummy snake (just healthier AND tastier 😉) So you asked, and we delivered!


We’ve created the fruitiessst, juiciessst, tastiessst snakes for you to savour, made with 100% natural ingredients. Our fruity gummy snakes are bursting with real fruity flavours - passionfruit, blackcurrent, raspberry. They’re packed with prebiotic goodness and contain no sugar added (*plays* you’ve got the besssst of both worlds! 🎶)

Meet the ssseriously good flavours


What makes our Fruity Gummy Snakes so damn good?


Are our snakes gluten free?

  • Coeliac’s rejoice! Our fruity gummy snakes are gluten-free guaranteed and are gluten tested by an independent labratory.

How are our snakes sweetened?

  • Our fruity gummy snakes are sweetened with real food ingredients like tapioca starch and chicory root fibre that actually give a sweet flavour. We then add a touch of the all-natural stevia leaf to balance things out. This means our Fruity Snakes contain 85% less sugar than your average snake gummy.  

What ingredients are in our Fruity Gummy Snakes? 

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