Everything we craft is made with one goal in mind: to create the best-est lollies in the biz that are good for you and good for the planet.


We’re not 100% there yet, but hey! No one’s perfect right? Sustainability is a journey – not a destination, and we’re continuously workin’ hard to do our bit by reducing, reusing and recycling. The journey to being better is a long one, and we’re just getting started!


When manufacturing your favourite lollies (ahem..that’d be us!) we put sustainable thinking at the centre of everything we do. It is crucial that our manufacturers and suppliers share this philosophy of protecting the environment and being sustainable.

Carbon neutral manufacturing

Since the get-go our manufacturing process has been 100% carbon neutral (sweet right!)

Renewable energy

We proudly use renewable sources to generate the majority of electricity used during our manufacturing process.



Reusable waste

As a company who makes things, waste is inevitable. But! All edible waste that can, goes into pet food. The rest, is collected and reused to create heat.

We believe in a world where you can eat your sweets and have em’ too!

To create the best-est sweets in the biz we work best suppliers in the world so we can serve you lollies made from the best quality ingredients that have been sourced ethically.

Our FUNDAY fam carnauba wax supplier is a member of the ‘Initiative for Responsible Carnauba’ - an ethical organisation who works to promote responsible carnauba wax production by improving working conditions and preserving biodiversity. Find out more here.

Our sustainable packaging·

FUNDAY lolly bags are made from curb-side recyclable waste and arrive in fully recyclable shipping cartons.

We’re sayin no to stryo.

We've scraped plastic fillers or Styrofoam in our packaging and stick to good ol’ kraft paper to protect your sweet essentials.

Recycle or Up-Cycle.

Don’t throw away, recycle for another day! Our thoughtfully designed Can’t Decide Boxes are fully recyclable or can be used as a storage box, sewing
box or gift box.

Your team here at FUNDAY HQ love two things – sweets and sustainability. We’re doing our best on the daily to take steps to being more sustainable.

Like offsetting flight emission, reducing travel time through virtual calls rather than meetings in person, encourage public transport or carpooling where possible.