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Lockdown Blues vs. your gut: How lockdowns affected your gut health - focus on improvements now we are out.

Lockdown Blues vs. your gut: How lockdowns affected your gut health - focus on improvements now we are out.

Lockdown Diet

Lost all motivation to cook a beautiful nutritionally-balanced meal after what feels like 400 years of lockdown? Are ya guilty of spending countless months living off mi goreng and toasted cheese? You are not alone!

Your gut health can and will make a comeback! The #1 factor you can control in terms of obtaining and maintaining good gut health is by eating a diverse range of plant-based foods and keeping up your fibre intake.
Now, what exactly is fibre? (We're glad ya asked!) 'Fibre' refers to the indigestible component of plant-based foods, mostly coming from your wholegrains, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.
When it comes to our gut microbiome, the more varied strains of beneficial bacteria, the better our digestive health.
Ultimately, to sum things up easy peach-y, our bodies are then able to better utilise the food that we eat -
which means more stable energy levels, increased mental clarity and more regulation over our emotions (Sayonara lockdown blues! Good vibes only here on out…)

Improving our gut health can look a 'lil something like: aiming to eat different coloured fresh produce wherever possible - start with trying to add some fresh fruit at your breakfast or adding in 4-5 different coloured vegetables at lunch or dinner and the next thing you know, you will be eating the rainbow without even noticing.

Improving your gut health is not something that needs to be complex, it does not require you to spend insane $$$$ on supplements or powders. It can be as simple as focussing on what you can ADD IN to your diet. The best thing you can do for your gut health is to eat a diverse range of plant-based foods as fibre is the best way to keep you, and the beneficial bacteria lining ya gut, nourished. By eating a colourful diet full of plant-based foods you will also be providing your body some sweet sweet TLC (aka - all the micronutrient goodness that plants provide such as Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Polyphenols and Phytochemicals! - These good guys are ALL important in keeping our immune system robust and protected against cell damage).

Post-Lockdown Lifestyle

Real talk...for many of us the motivation to keep our body motivated and moving this lockdown has been tough! If you found that lockdown has impacted your exercise routine - the good news is that there is no time like the present to change things!

Nutrition aside, another hugely impactful lifestyle choice that can affect our gut health is our daily movement.
Now, if running or a planned workout is NOT ya thing, don't fret! Keeping ya body moving can simply mean just moving around, incidental exercise like carrying groceries or even walking your furry friend around the block. When you are moving or intentionally exercising, this causes more blood flow to those muscles in ya gut - which has the important job of massaging the food that we eat down the digestive tract. This process happens more efficiently when doing simple movements like walking and is great for digestion.


Another thing we can do to strengthen our gut health is to stress less. Stress can wreak havoc on our digestive processes and the best thing we can do is to keep our nervous system happy by getting on top of our stress. Lastly, sleep hygiene. When we are getting a proper night’s sleep, we are setting ourselves up for aligning with are body’s natural rhythm and preventing disturbances to our natural hunger and satiety cues. So make sure you're getting ya nightly snooze in!

So sweeties, remember to enjoy a balanced, colourful diet and get ya body moving. Don't forget your daily dose of Zzz's! Remember to relax and stay on top of your stress levels, and don't forget to treat ya-self to the sweet things in life (you deserve it!). One of our go-to ways? Of course, munchin our delicious FUNDAY Natural Sweets – those Red Frogs are 10/10!

Written by Daena Ryan

Dietitian & Nutritionist

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