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Say Hello to Our Newest Treat: Strawberry & Cream Gummies!

Say Hello to Our Newest Treat: Strawberry & Cream Gummies!

Hey sweeties! We're super stoked to spill the beans on something we've been cooking up at FUNDAY HQ. Drumroll, please... 🥁 Introducing our latest creation that's been high on your wish list - Strawberry and Cream Gummies! Yep, you asked, and we delivered!

Sweet, Juicy, and Creamy Goodness

We've been working our lolly-loving tails off to whip up the most mouthwatering strawberry and cream gummies ever. These little bites of heaven are so juicy and creamy, it's like a flavour explosion in your mouth. Seriously, they're as soft as a marshmallow, but with all the fruity goodness you crave. 

100% Aussie-Made with Natural Ingredients

And guess what? Our Strawberry and Cream Gummies are 100% Aussie made. We've partnered with local suppliers to source the freshest ingredients right here in the land Down Under, because we believe in supporting our Aussie community while delivering top-notch sweets!

A Healthier Choice: 86% Less Sugar, Gut-Lovin' Fibre

We're all about keeping things natural and delicious. Our Strawberry and Cream Gummies come with a sweet secret – they've got a whopping 86% less sugar than your typical strawberry and cream lollies! They’re also crafted with a gut-lovin’ dose of prebiotic fibre and no added sugar or sugar alcohols. Plus, no sugar alcohols mean no unexpected surprises, if you catch our drift 😉


So, whether you're a strawberry and cream fanatic or just someone looking for a sweet, guilt-free indulgence, FUNDAY Natural Sweets’ Strawberry and Cream Gummies are here to steal your heart (and ya taste buds). Treat yourself, you totally deserve it! Grab a pack, share with your mates, and let the sweet times roll! 


What makes our Strawberry & Cream gummies so damn good?

Are our Strawberry & Cream gummies gluten free?

  • Coeliac’s rejoice! Our Strawberry & Cream gummies are gluten-free guaranteed and are gluten tested by an independent labratory.

How are our Strawberry & Cream gummies sweetened?

  • Our Strawberry & Cream gummies are sweetened with real food ingredients like tapioca starch and chicory root fibre that actually give a sweet flavour. We then add a touch of the all-natural stevia leaf to balance things out. This means our Strawberry & Cream gummies contain 86% less sugar than your average Strawberry & Cream gummies.  

What ingredients are in our Strawberry & Cream gummies? 

Is there any actual cream in our Strawberry & Cream gummies?

  • There is no actual cream in our Strawberry & Cream gummies. The cream part of our gummies is made with natural vanilla flavoring to give you that delicious creamy taste without using actual dairy cream.

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