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Show your gut some love in 2024

Show your gut some love in 2024
Hey sweetie,
Just because it’s a new year, doesn’t mean there needs to be a new you! But we also know the new year can be a good time to do a ‘lil mental reset and refresh yourselves.
Today we are talking all things gut-health. So, as you prep to return to reality (AKA real adult life), we've put some easy peachy tips you can apply to your everyday life to get back into the groove this year…your gut-loving era!
Get in your Fibre!
Think of fibre kind of like this...If your digestive system were a party, fibre would be the DJ, pumping the tunes for a ‘lil boogie for nutrients to dance through your body. So, as you eat food and nourish your gut microbiome with all the good stuff, it helps keep the party moving through our gastrointestinal tract to help avoid any unwanted gate crashers like bloating or abdominal pains. Seriously, who invited them?
Don’t worry if you’re late to the party though, its better late than never, right? All our delish lollies pack a whopping 7g of added dietary fibre… we love a gut-supporting treat!
Prebiotics & Probiotics
You’ve probably heard of Pre and Probiotics, but do you really know what they’re all about? In short, they are the food that helps our gut microbiomes work and thrive!
Probiotics are live bacteria most found in fermented foods such as kombucha and kefir and work to support a happy gut. And just like two peaches in a pod, Prebiotics are a dietary fibre that feed those good prebiotic bacteria. You best believe that ALL our lollies are packed with all the pre-biotic goodness thanks to our MVP ingredient - Chicory Root fibre. This star ingredient is naturally less in calories and gives our lollies a punch of natural sweetness without the side of bloat!
Eating the rainbow
Say YES, this year! Let this be the year of trying new things, foods, and experiences. But before you say yes to that guy that’s been in ya DM’s begging for that coffee date, why not start with something a little less… intense.
Variety in colour means a variety in nutrients! Phytonutrients are the hard workers giving each of nature’s lollies (aka fruits and veggies) their amazing unique vibrant colours and tastes. By eating a colourful diet, we can ensure the party in our gut is pumping with colourful lights and good vibes to keep our immune system in tip top shape.
PSA - Did you know our Sour Vegan Bears contain a mouth-watering mix of sour-coated green apple, raspberry, and lemon gummy bears? That’ll help ya get a head start on eating the rainbow!
Exercise the mind and body
Regular exercise is perfect for keeping the microbiome happy! Whether it’s opting to climb Mt Everest or maybe taking a leisurely stroll around the block (whatever floats your boat), Exercise is found to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in our gut whilst also helping with mental clarity. And don’t get in the way of the gut and brain, these besties are chatting every second of the day through chemical neurotransmitters to ensure your gut microbiome are happy, working and thriving.
Our delish range of lollies are here to help support your gut-loving journey this year; all our lollies are packed with 7g of dietary fibre, filled with all the pre and probiotic goodness and come in a variety of colours ; ), FUNDAY has got your back.

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