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Does FUNDAY cause any side effects? The 411 on our lollies.

Does FUNDAY cause any side effects? The 411 on our lollies.
Concerned our sweets might send you sprinting to the bathroom? Low-sugar treats tend to get a bad rap, loaded with stuff like sugar alcohols that can wreak havoc on your stomach (cue the tummy troubles and emergency bathroom runs). So, naturally, we get asked questions like, "Will these lollies make me rush to the bathroom?" and "Can I munch on these without worrying about toilet breaks?" Well, sweeties, we've got you covered! Let's spill the beans on our delicious FUNDAY sweets!  
Here’s the lowdown…
Will it make me poop?
Ever enjoyed that ‘sugar-free’ snack a little too much? And regretted it later with the tummy aches, bloating or an urgent bathroom dash…? You can usually thank the usual culprit, ‘sugar alcohols’ for that.  But don’t worry sweetie, we wouldn’t do you dirty like that. Unlike traditional lollies, FUNDAY doesn’t contain any of those nasty artificial sweeteners, colours, sugars, or sugar alcohols! - meaning our lollies won’t come with a big CAUTION statement warning you that excess consumption may cause laxative effect, because we don’t have them nasties! - YAY for happy tummies!
Instead, we’ve loaded our lollies with delicious prebiotic fibre goodness, known to help our digestive system do it thing and get things going down there… if you know what I mean. In fact, our lollies contain on average 7g of fibre per pack, which is already approx. 28% of a 19–30-year-old woman’s recommended daily fibre intake! So, if you feel like you’re running to the toilet after enjoying some FUNDAY, you’re probably just acing your fibre game!
Can I have more than one pack in a day?
Packed with natural, real food goodness like tapioca starch and chicory root fibre, one bag of FUNDAY covers approximately 28% of a woman’s daily fibre needs and 23% for men. But as mentioned, too much of a good thing (hello, fibre!) may really help you get things going so that’s why we suggest sticking to around 2 bags per day!
The Gut-boosting power of Prebiotic fibre in FUNDAY lollies
Alright, let’s dive into how FUNDAY is not just satisfying your sweet tooth but also showering your gut with some serious love!
Each pack of our mouth-watering lollies is bursting with prebiotic fibre. Now, what’s prebiotic fibre you ask? It’s like a super fuel for your gut bugs (probiotics), helping them thrive and keep your digestive system in top-notch shape!
You can read up more about Prebiotic fibre here.
And hey, If you’re already on board the gut health train by munching on a fibre-rich diet and staying hydrated, your prebiotic pals won’t let you down. They’ll be right there, supporting your gut and keeping it happy and nourished! How awesome is that? You get to enjoy lollies like a kid while also nailing your fibre intake!
Now, we get it- if we stumbled upon lollies that promised 7g of prebiotic fibre, with no artificial flavours or colours, no sugar added, no sugar alcohols, and gluten free goodness, we’d probably raise an eyebrow too. But trust us, there’s nothing fishy going on here – just pure delicious, gut-loving goodness waiting for you!
So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our range of lollies and treat your taste buds and your gut to something truly sweet!

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