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Fun fitness things to do in (and out) of lockdown

Fun fitness things to do in (and out) of lockdown

During these sour times we call ‘lockdown’, staying healthy both physically and mentally has never been more important. As the majority of Aussies were confined to our homes to work (and work-out), many of us took to transforming our living rooms into our very own at-home-gym, complete with yoga mats, weights, and even DIY equipment improvisations (think: tinned canned goods in place of dumbbells - funky...but hey, it works!).

But with freedom slowly approaching and news that gyms may finally open their doors again, many of us are wondering if we’ll even head back to the gym...or if maybe working out from home isn’t such a bad gig after all? As a result, we’ve rounded up a few fun fitness things we reckon will knock your sour peach socks off and give you a sweet workout for a happy, healthy mind and body!

1. Walk the walk

Just like Kath and Kel, your team here at FUNDAY take our daily walks around the block to the utmost seriousness. Daily walks have quite literally been a breath of fresh air for us all!

Whether it’s going out for a quick, socially distanced catch-up with a mate or a solo stroll, getting outdoors to stretch your legs and soak up some vitamin D is one simple and effective way to reset and clear the mind.

2. Online Workouts

From going to your weekly pilates class with friends, to saying “guess we’ll catch you at a Zoom workout class soon?”, times sure have changed. One online workout alternative we’ve been loving is from THE workout king of quarantine - Ryan Heffington.


If you like to get ya dance on, you’ll love Ryan’s one hour dance sesh’s he live streams over on Instagram. Bursting with playful energy, the LA-based choreographer is sure to keep you motivated and moving with his virtual dance classes he calls #SweatFest.

3. On your marks...

There are more people running than ever before, and we get why! Running can be the perfect medicine to help clear the mind and make you feel strong and resilient. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a solo activity (yes, even during lockdown)! Chuck on your GPS running watch or download a running tracking app to create your own virtual running challenges and competitions between you and your mates.


So get ready, set..and run like there's a bag of fruity bears at the finish line! There’s nothing like a bit
of friendly e-competition and camaraderie to lift your spirits during these sour times!  

4. Break out your skipping rope

Time to pull out that dusty old skipping rope you used as a kid, cause skipping is back in bizz-nas baby!

It’s the ultimate do-anywhere workout for lockdown that’s a fun way to mix up your workouts and get some cardio in.

For a little inspo, we’ve been following the skipping rope queen herself, Mira Wate, who’s IG and TikTok videos give us nothing but the good vibes we need to get jumping and pumping!

5. Pilates

If you’re someone who likes to “work that core” and “feeeeeel the burn”, then you’re probably someone who a-peach-iates a pilates class (ammiright?). There’s nothing we love more than a quick 30 minute online sesh with our girls over at Peaches Pilates for some fruity fun!

If you’re a morning person looking to start the day with a bang, our favourite pilates instructor, Leah Simmons, will surely turn anyone’s sour frown upside down! Tune into her @thisiskaaiaa live Zoom classes where you can treat yo-self to a killer upbeat pilates session that’ll leave you feeling mentally and physically recharged and ready to start the day!

6. Twister with the fam

Remember, your fitness is only limited by your imagination! If you’re a parent looking to get a little creative with entertaining the kids at home, why not whip out a true and blue game like Twister?


Keeping your kids active doesn’t have to involve actual workouts, and Twister can be a great way to cure those lockdown blues for everyone in the family!  

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