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Girl dinner ideas: fun ways to spice up your girl dinner and keep it healthy

Girl dinner ideas: fun ways to spice up your girl dinner and keep it healthy
Listen up fabulous foodies, can’t get that Tik Tok audio out of your head? Us Too!
First up, lets break this concept down.
Girl dinner: a meal, typically dinner, featuring an assortment of snacks, side dishes and random portions of foody bits to create a meal.
The best part? It’s simple, has minimal clean up and no need for complicated cooking. Plus, it won’t break the bank!
Even though girl dinner is all about those snacky vibes, it’s not just a light nibble- it’s meant to hit the spot and cover the food groups. As a nutritionist, I’ve crafted some fantastic dinner combos to keep you nourished and satisfied for hours!
Charcuterie board for one please!
Alright, listen up! I’m here with a PSA: You absolutely do not need a fancy event or party to whip up a killer charcuterie board!
Picture this: a vibrant array of the colourful veggies like carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and whatever else that your heart desires! Simply arrange them on a plate alongside your choice of dip- think hummus, tzatziki, guacamole, or any dip that gets your tastebuds dancing. Add in some wholegrain pita bread or crackers, a selection of olives, and of course, your favourite cheese.
Fruits like grapes and strawberries are charcuterie classics- no doubt. But, if you want something fruity of a different kind, why not try our FUNDAY Fruity Gummy Snakes? With an extra 7g of added prebiotic fibre in every pack, who said lollies can’t be healthy?
Cheese + Pickle= Chickle
Have you heard the latest viral snack sensation? It’s called a ‘chickle’- a quirky addition to your girl dinner assortment. It’s like a little pickle wrapped in a blanket of melted cheese!
Here’s the go:
Pop a non-stick pan over medium heat, toss in a slice of cheese, and let it melt until it’s gooey and the edges start to crispen. Next, plop in your pickle and wrap that cheesy crust around. Boom, chickle.
You’ll either love It or hate it.
Toast variations
Toast for dinner? Absolutely! Start with some wholesome wholegrain toast for that fibre goodness and get creative with your toppings:
Pizza style: Toast your bread, smear on tomato pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and grated parmesan. Slide it under the grill for melty cheese perfection, finish off with a shower of fresh basil!
NYC: Toast your bread, layer on light cream cheese, smoked salmon, zesty red onion, and chopped capers for that classic NYC flavour.
The Classic combo: smash avocado onto your toast, add eggs (boiled, scrambled or poached), and finish with hot sauce or a drizzle of honey… trust us, it’s good!
So, Whether it’s a cosy night in with your besties, a dinner party with your squad or a I-have-nothing-in-the-fridge solo night in kind of vibe, these ideas will take your dinner game to the next level…because let’s face it, the concept of a girl dinner is a true reality for many of us, so we have to be sure we’re fuelling and nourishing our fabulous selves.
Remember, girl dinner is all about variety and fun! Check out our delicious no sugar added lollies here. Whether you’re all about the tangy sourness, or you’re all in for fruity vibes, our lollies are guaranteed to make your girl dinner a little more special!

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