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Healthy Office Lunch Ideas: Elevate Your Bento Box with FUNDAY Natural Sweets

Healthy Office Lunch Ideas: Elevate Your Bento Box with FUNDAY Natural Sweets
Picture this: you're lounging on the couch, Sunday night, chill vibes all around, face mask on fleek, and your all-time favourite movie is playing. but then you remember – you need to prepare your lunch for Monday!
It's a feeling we all know too well, but don't let this spoil your weekend! With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can make sure that your Monday lunch is sorted without sacrificing your Sunday evening relaxation time.
Get ready to jazz up your lunchtime with our mouth-watering bento box recipes. Whether you crave something sweet or savoury, our ideas are perfect for adults and kids alike!
 Sandwiches & Wraps: A canvas for creativity
Go big or go home, or keep it simple and small- it’s totally up to you! Choose from hearty sandwiches or playful wraps. Combine fresh ingredients like cheese, cucumber, tomato, and ham for a classic taste or explore new flavours for a culinary adventure. If you're feeling adventurous, mix things up with a tasty wrap. The possibilities are endless!
  Fruits and Veggies: A Rainbow in your Lunchbox
The goal is to mix and match a rainbow of colours and flavours to pump up those nutrients and keep us in tip-top shape. Carrots, Cucumbers and capsicums are the ultimate veggie trio to add to your bento.
Top Tip: Take your munch game to the next level by pairing those chopped veggies with your fave dips! Whip up some hummus or mash some Avo for a quick and easy way to transform your raw veggies into a delish snack.
For the little ones:
 Use cookie cutters to turn fruits into fun shapes! Picture this: juicy watermelon stars, fresh cucumber hearts, or kiwi flowers… let your creativity run wild! Your little one’s lunch box will never be the same, and neither will their friends' faces when they get a peek inside!
Sweet Treats
Treats like oat cookies, bliss balls, protein bars or even banana bread are perfect to easily prep at the start of the week, stash away, and voila!
And while we’re talking convenience, why not pop in some FUNDAY? Our delish no sugar added lollies come in a range of flavours; each complete with gut-friendly pre- and pro-biotics, plus a healthy hit of 7g of added dietary fibre!
Feeling fruity? Give our Fruity Gummy Snakes a go! Or, if sour is your vibe, grab our Sour Peach Hearts!
You'll have the perfect lunchtime treat to brighten up your day. Plus, the kids will love them too!
Who said eating good had to be hard? Get the kids involved and unleash your inner master chef with these quick, easy, and super tasty lunch ideas that will make your family's taste buds dance with joy!
With FUNDAY Natural Sweets, eating well doesn't have to be complicated. Free from added sugars, sugar alcohols and artificial flavours, our sweets are the perfect healthy addition to your bento lunch.

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