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The Ultimate Mocktail Recipe

The Ultimate Mocktail Recipe
Ready to ramp up your summer celebrations? Let us introduce you to our fresh ‘n fruity raspberry mocktail!
Don’t be afraid to whip out those bartending skills and shake up this absolute summer treat to your pool party guests; deliciously sweet, fizzy and fun, and guaranteed to ya tastebuds dancing! And guess what sweeties! This tasty drink is made with gut lovin' ingredients like kombucha and chicory root fibre - AKA your gut’s PBFF (prebiotic best friend for life ;) to give you that sun kissed glow.
Handful of FUNDAY Freeze Dried Bears
Lemon wedge
Fresh Raspberries
Raspberry Kombucha
FUNDAY Raspberry Frogs
    Add a handful of FUNDAY Freeze Dried Bears to a small zip-lock bag and crush them using a rolling pin. Pour onto a flat plate.
    Run lemon wedge around the rim of a glass and then dip into crushed Freeze-Dried Bears to create a crusted rim.
    Add fresh raspberries to your glass and mash using the back of a fork. Add ice followed by raspberry kombucha.
    Garnish with extra raspberries, FUNDAY Raspberry Frogs and top with a lemon wedge.
    With no added sugars or artificial flavours our FUNDAY Sweets make a deliciously healthy addition to your summer fun. Did we also mention the 7g of added plant-based prebiotic fibre in each packet? Sweeten up your summer and Shop Now.

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