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Why Is Sugar So Good? The Science Behind Sugar Addiction

Why Is Sugar So Good? The Science Behind Sugar Addiction
Why We Love Sugar So Much
Picture this: you eat a sugary treat, and your taste buds send an urgent message to your brain, saying, “This is the best thing ever!” Your brain, being the ultimate party animal, releases a burst of dopamine- a feel-good neurotransmitter that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. This dopamine rush is part of your brain’s reward system, the same area that lights up when we experience pleasure or excitement.
But there’s a catch: sugar doesn’t just make you feel good; it makes you crave more. It’s like that catchy song you can’t stop humming!
So, we have a sweet deal for you: sugar can be a bit too tempting, which can lead to what we call a sugar addiction. And with sugar addictions comes nasty side effects (e.g. sugar crashed, physical and mental side effects) Luckily for you, at FUNDAY, we have set out to create the best healthier-for-you, no- sugar- added lollies to help give you that same dopamine hit but without the refined sugars, so you can enjoy the party without the sugar gate-‘crashers’.
The Science of Sugar Addiction
What is Sugar Science?
Now, let’s talk some sugar science! Sugar, specifically glucose, is a type of carbohydrate known as a monosaccharide – a fancy term for a simple sugar. Glucose is a superstar when it comes to providing energy for our body’s cells, fuelling everything from thinking, to running to dancing! It’s our body’s little power-up alongside other macronutrients like fats and proteins! 
Unlike Natural foods that give you a little bit of dopamine, sugar goes all out causing a powerful spike of dopamine release, making you want more and more. It’s like having a DJ that keeps playing your favourite song on repeat—you just can’t get enough! 
This can turn into a cycle where you crave and eat more sugar. That's why once you start eating sugary foods, it can be hard to stop! 
Impact of Excessive Sugar Consumption
We all love a little sweetness in our lives, but too much sugar can turn a sweet story into a sticky situation! Here’s what happens when you go overboard on the sugar train:
Moody Blues: Sugar highs and lows can mess with your mood. One minute you're happy, the next you're expecting that crash. It’s like an emotional rollercoaster that no one wants a ticket for! 
Tooth Troubles: Sugar sometimes loves to invite its mates- bacteria, to your mouth party, which can lead to cavities and toothaches. Ouch! 
The Big Health Risks: Over time, too much sugar can lead to serious health issues like diabetes and heart problems.
Breaking the Sugar Addiction
How Do You Break a Sugar Addiction?
Breaking free from a sugar addiction can be a bit of a challenge. Our founder, Daniel, totally gets it—and it inspired him to create FUNDAY! But don't worry, we've got your back with these nifty ideas to help break the sugar demons from creeping back in:
Read labels: become a nifty shopper by reading food labels to identify hidden sugars 
Stay hydrated: sometimes, cravings are a sign of dehydration. Drink plenty of water!
Healthy wholefoods: Swap out refined sugars for tasty wholefoods like fruits, yogurt, nuts, seeds, oats, and whole grains. And don’t forget to toss in a cheeky pack of FUNDAY lollies for a sweet no sugar added treat! 
Balanced Diet: Ensure your meals are well-balanced with proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to maintain stable blood sugar levels.
Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms
Sugar’s ability to hijack your brain’s reward system is so strong that whilst it gives us a quick hit of energy for a quick boogie and makes us feel more alert. But beware! This sweet high wears off fast and can lead to the dreaded ‘sugar crash.’ 
If you’re looking to cut back on those refined sugars, you might find yourself in a mid-afternoon slump, feeling tired or a tad grumpy so, make it a gradual change. Swap out sugary treats for foods with natural sweetness like fruits. But if you still crave that sweet lolly fix, we’ve got you covered! Our Fruity Gummy Snakes are perfect for a fun and fruity hit, and if you’re a fan of all things tangy, our Sour Peach Hearts might just become your new fave. 
FUNDAY Natural Sweets – A Healthier Choice
We totally get it—sometimes you just need to enjoy a pack of sweets... or two (wink wink). But why suffer from those dreaded sugar crashes? Say goodbye to the 3pm slump and hello to endless good vibes our delicious, healthier-for-you lollies! 
Packed with all the sweetness you crave, but without any of the added sugar, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, or colours. Yep, just pure, wholesome deliciousness to keep you smiling all day long. 
So, whether you’re into fruity flavours or sour sensations, we’ve got a little something for everyone!


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