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The Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Foods

The Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Foods
Are you a Celiac champ, living that gluten-free life, or simply curious about the GF scene? Feeling a bit lost about what's on the menu and what's a no-go? Don't worry, let us be your gluten-free guru as we dish out the deets on what being gluten-free is all about, and foods you can enjoy on a GF diet like FUNDAY Sweets' certified gluten-free sweets.
Understanding Gluten and its Hidden Sources
Gluten, that sneaky troublemaker, has a knack for hiding in unexpected spots—think food, meds, and even cosmetics! It's essential to be vigilant, as even a small amount of gluten can be a concern for those with Celiac disease.
Navigating Gluten-Free Labels: What to Look For
For a product to be labeled ‘gluten-free,’ it must contain no detectable gluten. Keep an eye out for gluten's disguises—wheat, spelt, rye, barley, malt, and oats. In order to be assured that you are sticking to a 100% gluten-free diet you have to become a sleuth at reading and analysis labels. If a food has been labelled as ‘gluten free’ this can be a foolproof way of knowing and save you the hassle of having to analyse an ingredients list.
But hey, at FUNDAY we keep it simple and gluten-free all the way! We're all about whipping up a delightful variety of lollies that are gluten-free certified. We take extra care to keep things gluten-free from start to finish in our factories to create lollies without any gluten-containing ingredients or any cross-contamination of gluten from our factories. We also state on all of our packaging that our lollies are ‘gluten-free’ so all of our gluten-free lolly lovers can rest assure that our lollies are safe to enjoy.
The Gluten-Free Lifestyle: Foods to Avoid and Safe Alternatives
Avoid oats, barley, rye, wheat, and any products made from these grains. Gluten can hide in everyday items like lollies, ice cream, bread, crackers, pastries, sauces, and baking ingredients.
An ingredient that is commonly found amongst confectionery in Australia is Wheat Glucose Syrup - this guy is an interesting ingredient as it is indeed derived from wheat but due to the amount of processing, the glutenous proteins are essentially abolished! It's commonly seen to be on ingredients lists of many sweetened groceries items in Australia and New Zealand but can still be deemed as safe for consumption by people who live with Coeliac disease as the processing removes gluten.
Why Choose FUNDAY for Your Gluten-Free Treats?
FUNDAY Sweets keeps it simple and gluten-free all the way! We're proud to offer a delightful variety of lollies that are not only gluten-free but also certified gluten-free. This certification means that our products meet strict standards for gluten-free safety, ensuring there's no cross-contamination or presence of gluten-containing ingredients in our factories. Our packaging proudly states that our lollies are ‘gluten-free’, giving our gluten-free lolly lovers peace of mind.
Our entire sweet squad is certified gluten-free, ensuring no gluten-containing ingredients or derivatives, plus independent lab checks for gluten traces. Sweet, right? Treat yo-self to a box of our Strawberry & Cream gummies (if you're looking for something fruity) or Sour Vegan Bears (if you're a sour lolly lover) and enjoy a worry-free, gluten-free treat experience! 

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