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How to be a little more Vegan and a little less Shigan

How to be a little more Vegan and a little less Shigan

So you’ve decided to give veganism a try.

Maybe you’re doing it for the environment, the animals or your health. Or maybe you’re just a little intrigued after hearing your friends raving about how dewy their skin has been since they gave dairy the cut.

But whether you’ve been eating a vegan diet for ten years or ten days, you’re bound to get a non-vegan craving or two which can leave you feeling a little less vegan and a little more ‘shigan’ (aka a shitty vegan).
So what should you do? Rather than giving in, we’ve got you covered with some easy peach-y tips on how to crush those non-vegan cravings, and ways you can still enjoy your favourite pastime snacks (gummy bears included!).

Don’t be afraid to substitute.

Sometimes the easiest way to ‘scratch the itch’ is to substitute a food you’re craving with a vegan alternative. It might not be the OG, but the sweet news is that there are plenty of vegan alternatives for you to munch on, and enjoy the same taste and texture of your favourite pastime foods. From cheese made from cashews, egg (tofu) scramble and seitan burger patties, these are some great substitutes to use to still enjoy your delicious cheesy pizzas and avo and eggs on toast for breakfast.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a love for gummies that often contain gelatine in them, we’ve got you covered with our vegan-certified gummy bears. For all you sour lovers, pucker up and enjoy some of our sour vegan gummy bears, and for all you fruity lovers - treat yo-selves to our fruity gummy bears!

Know your body & what your cravings mean.

Cravings can be caused by physical factors like dehydration, lack of sleep, or poor diet. Dehydration can make us crave sugar or foods with protein and fat (aka cheese), so often the best way to tell is to drink a big glass of water and reassess how you’re feeling after.

Getting in a nightly snooze of 7-8 hours is an important lifestyle factor that is often slept on (no pun intended). Getting enough sleep and water can help your body crush cravings and teach you the difference between what is real hunger, and what is your body just needing a little TLC with hydration and a good night’s sleep.

Keep your meals fun and exciting.

It’s easy to dwell on the food you can’t order as a vegan. So time to turn that sour frown upside down and keep your meals fun, exciting and adventurous! Be creative and try new recipes to switch things up! Sure, tofu is nice but nobody wants to live off it 24/7. Not even vegans.
Invest some time in exploring new ingredients, recipes and food blogs. We’ve been loving Best of Vegan, an online publication that shows the BEST drool worthy vegan recipes, from Vegan Mac’n Cheese to vegan cookies & cream protein cups. For all you sweeties, if you’re craving dessert try whipping up our mouth watering vegan rocky road recipe to treat yo-self to!

Get involved in the community.

The vegan community, both online and offline can be a wonderful, supportive place. We’ve been loving Accidentally Vegan Australia, an Aussie IG account where vegan users come together to share some of the best vegan foods found at your local supermarket.
If you’re craving a meal out, you can also check out apps like Happy Cow that can help you find vegan-friendly restaurants near you.

Featured in this article are our FUNDAY vegan fruity gummy bears and vegan sour bears. Not only is there no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours; but there is 7g of plant-based prebiotic fibre in each pack! Made with natural ingredients and a delicious combo of raspberry, lemon and apple flavours.

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